Minimize Your Environmental Footprint: Green Tick Offers a Transparent Certification Process, Accessible Online

Green Tick empowers you to make a significant reduction in your environmental impact through a straightforward and transparent certification process, conveniently accessible online. Our web-based platform provides a clear pathway to achieving certification, enabling you to showcase your commitment to sustainability and inspire others to follow suit.

What is Green Tick Certification?

Green Tick Certification is a process that assesses, audits and certifies your business’ impact on the environment.

By adhering to a structured process, you can be confident that the actions you take to decrease energy costs and minimize your carbon footprint will yield maximum impact.

Green Tick certification signifies your business's genuine dedication to sustainability, sending a powerful message to both employees and customers. By achieving this certification, you showcase your proactive steps in reducing your carbon footprint and establishing a sustainable business model. It demonstrates your firm commitment to environmental responsibility, fostering trust and loyalty among your stakeholders.

Green Tick’s approach

Green Tick utilizes an online Environmental Management Checklist (EMC) as a foundation to support companies in delivering their environmental policies.

The EMC is a widely adopted tool used by sustainability practitioners worldwide to measure and implement sustainability initiatives.

Our team has specifically designed the Green Tick EMC to be user-friendly, making it accessible to all without requiring specialized sustainability expertise.

Advantages of Using an Environmental Management Checklist (EMC)

Utilizing an Environmental Management Checklist (EMC) offers numerous benefits, including:


Streamlined Efficiency: The EMC provides a structured framework that streamlines environmental management processes, ensuring efficiency in implementing sustainability initiatives.


Comprehensive Measurement: With an EMC, you can measure your environmental performance across various aspects, allowing you to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and set meaningful sustainability goals.


Enhanced Accountability: The EMC promotes accountability by providing a clear roadmap for implementing and monitoring sustainable practices, ensuring that your organization remains committed to its environmental responsibilities.


Improved Communication: Utilizing an EMC facilitates effective communication, both internally and externally, by providing a standardized language and framework for discussing environmental management and sustainability efforts.

By leveraging the benefits of an EMC, you can effectively drive your sustainability agenda, minimize environmental impact, and foster a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

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