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Initiated by OE-FS, a regional Facility Service company based in Singapore, Green Tick emerged with the firm belief that businesses worldwide have a role to play in reducing carbon emissions. Whether through physical actions or policy implementations in their daily operations, Green Tick recognizes the urgency of addressing global challenges and emphasizes the need for immediate attention and action. Together, we must strive for a net-zero future to secure a sustainable world for generations to come.

Embrace Transformative Change:

Aligning Business with a Greater Purpose OE-FS is revolutionizing the business landscape within the global economy, driven by a commitment to benefit both humanity and our planet. By making meaningful changes, we aim to create a positive impact that transcends traditional boundaries, contributing to the well-being of both people and the Earth.

Green Tick:
The Earth's Endorsement for Responsible Business

The Green Tick symbolizes the highest approval granted to businesses by our planet. It signifies a commitment to responsible practices that prioritize sustainability, environmental stewardship, and a harmonious relationship with nature. Being awarded the Green Tick is a testament to a business’s dedication to making a positive impact and being a responsible custodian of our precious Earth.


Unifying Goal




Driving Sustainable Solutions: GreenTick's Framework for Environmental, Social, and Governance Advancement

GreenTick serves as a catalyst for sustainability solutions, offering a comprehensive framework that governs the development of environmental, social, and governance initiatives.


Climate change strategy, Biodiversity, Water efficiency, Energy efficiency, Carbon intensity, Environmental managment system.


Equal opportunities, Freedom of association, Health and safety, Human rights, Customer & products responsibility, Child labour.


Business ethics, Compliance, Board independence, Executive compensation, Shareholder democracy.

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Frederick TEO

Chief Executive Officer


Frederick TEO

Chief Executive Officer


Frederick TEO

Chief Executive Officer

Why choose Green Tick?

Green Tick is perfect for

Business with
multiple locations

OE-FS is scalable for organisations looking to create a more sustainable culture across their operations.

Business with
one location

OE-FS is accessible to businesses of all sizes who want to start making a difference.

Business with
online Presence only

OE-FS offers scalable solutions tailored for online businesses seeking to foster a more sustainable culture throughout their operations.

Business with
multiple industries

OE-FS is accessible to businesses of all sizes who want to start making a difference.

Your Feedback Matters:

Connect with the Green Tick Team for Support and Dialogue

At Green Tick, we value feedback and comments from our clients, whether they are positive or constructive. We genuinely appreciate your input and believe that open communication is key to our continuous improvement.

If you have any questions, require assistance with your goals, subscriptions, or any other topics, we encourage you to reach out to the Green Tick team. We are here to listen, engage, and support you on your journey towards a sustainable future.